Hello world!

This is it I suppose – my newest and last personal website.

I’ve tried other identities, skintwriter for example, and before that Derec Wyn Jones, but for the last decade or more it’s been Derec Jones at derecjones.com.

But finally I am returning to where it all began, the name that is on my birth certificate –  Derek Wynford Jones.

I’m a writer, publisher and artist. I’ve published three novels, a book of short stories, and a poetry book, all under the name Derec Jones.

But from now on I will use my ‘real’ name to publish my work.

The first book to be published with this old/new identity is For the Time Being – a random coming together of loose bits of work, something for the time being until my next novel – Bums, is finished in the spring of 2015.

more on all that soon


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Tony Wakeham

    Derek, I was just wondering whether your next work “Bums” had anything to do with working for the council and those who used it’s services. Demanding people i know….just like those fucking mice or are they like sheep to the slaughter…

    1. derekwynford Post author

      Ha Tony – Bums was actually started a long time ago but the council job was a great period of extra research and what I learned there will definitely be finding its way into the book. There may even be a sympathetic DIO in there 😉


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