This website is designed to showcase and discuss the work I do as a writer. Content will accumulate over time and as I move it from my other site.

I’ve always operated with a split personality. My parents gave me the name Derek Wynford Jones, I changed it to Derec Jones for writing and artistic purposes.

Now it’s changing again. This site (derekwynfordjones.com) will hold my writing including my novels, short stories, poems, scripts, articles, and blogs. My other site (derecjones.com) will focus on my painting and visual artwork.  * see below

I’m not sure where the real me will reside, probably in both places and everywhere in between.

It’s going to take a while to make the transition so for the time being both sites are works-in-progress.

Derek Wynford Jones
a.k.a. Derec Jones

September 18th 2018

* (EDIT: 26/9/18 Now I’m not sure where things will go? Current thinking is that this site will be reserved for more unstructured writing?)